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    The Link Between Practicing CSR and Corporate Reputation: Psychological Foundations and Managerial Implications.Nick Lin-Hi & Igor Blumberg - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 150 (1):185-198.
    It is often assumed that corporate social responsibility is a very promising way for corporations to improve their reputations, and a positive link between practicing CSR and corporate reputation is supported by empirical evidence. However, little is known about the mechanisms that underlie this relationship. In addition, the effects of not practicing CSR on corporate reputation have received little attention thus far. This paper contributes to the literature by analyzing the cause-and-effect relationships between practicing CSR and corporate reputation. To this (...)
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    Business Case-Driven Management of CSR.Igor Blumberg & Nick Lin-Hi - 2014 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 33 (4):321-350.
    The business case for Corporate Social Responsibility is a powerful driver for mainstreaming socially responsible behavior in corporate practice. This is because managers’ proclivity to assume responsibility is positively correlated with their expectations that CSR pays off. However, there is the danger that managers might be tempted to focus primarily on those CSR activities that allow to link the associated costs and benefits ex ante reliably which, in turn, is a precondition for a perceived business case. Unfortunately, the perceived business (...)
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    Managing the Social Acceptance of Business: Three Core Competencies in Business Ethics.Nick Lin-Hi & Igor Blumberg - 2012 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 31 (2):247-263.
    The public support of corporations is continuously declining. The view that the system of free enterprise and profit-making are at odds with societal interests isbecoming more and more prevalent. Business’s associated loss of social acceptance poses a serious threat to the future viability of the system of free enterprise. Thus, corporate leaders face the task of regaining and sustainably securing the social acceptance of business. This paper presents three interrelated business ethics competencies which corporate leaders require to be able to (...)
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