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    The World in My Mind, My Mind in the World.Igor L. Aleksander - 2005 - Thorverton UK: Imprint Academic.
    Ifeel that Iam apartof, but separatefrom an 'out there' world. 2. Ifeel that my perception of the world mingles with feelings of past experience. 3. My experienceof the world is selective and purposeful. 4. I am thinking ahead allthe timeintrying ...
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    Axioms and Tests for the Presence of Minimal Consciousness in Agents I: Preamble.Igor L. Aleksander & B. Dunmall - 2003 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 10 (4):7-18.
    This paper relates to a formal statement of the mechanisms that are thought minimally necessary to underpin consciousness. This is expressed in the form of axioms. We deem this to be useful if there is ever to be clarity in answering questions about whether this or the other organism is or is not conscious. As usual, axioms are ways of making formal statements of intuitive beliefs and looking, again formally, at the consequences of such beliefs. The use of this style (...)
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  3. Machine Consciousness.Igor L. Aleksander - 2007 - In Max Velmans & Susan Schneider (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness. Blackwell.
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    Why Axiomatic Models of Being Conscious?Igor L. Aleksander - 2007 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 14 (7):15-27.
    This paper looks closely at previously enunciated axioms that specifically include phenomenology as the sense of a self in a perceptual world. This, we suggest, is an appropriate way of doing science on a first-person phenomenon. The axioms break consciousness down into five key components: presence, imagination, attention, volition and emotions. The paper examines anew the mechanism of each and how they interact to give a single sensation. An abstract architecture, the Kernel Architecture, is introduced as a starting point for (...)
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    Machine Consciousness.Igor L. Aleksander - 2006 - In Steven Laureys (ed.), Boundaries of Consciousness. Elsevier.
  6. Consciousness and Neural Cognizers: A Review of Some Recent Approaches. [REVIEW]C. Browne, Robert W. Evans, N. Sales & Igor L. Aleksander - 1997 - Neural Networks 10:1303-1316.
  7. Neural Depictions of "World" and "Self": Bringing Computational Understanding Into the Chinese Room.Igor L. Aleksander - 2003 - In John M. Preston & Michael A. Bishop (eds.), Views Into the Chinese Room: New Essays on Searle and Artificial Intelligence. Oxford University Press.
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