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    Sharing Responsibility in Gamete Donation: Balancing Relations and New Knowledge in Latvia.Signe Mezinska, Ilze Mileiko & Aivita Putnina - 2012 - Medicine Studies 3 (3):185-196.
    PurposeThis paper presents an ethnographic study of gamete donation in Latvia. The aim of the study is to describe and analyse the practice of applying responsibility in gamete donation cases from the perspective of anthropology and ethics.MethodsWe performed thirty semi-structured interviews with laypeople and five focus group discussions among adolescents. The third source of data was media analysis: 57 articles discussing assisted reproduction in Latvian electronic popular media as well as internet discussions among ART participants. The data were processed using (...)
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    Risk Communication in Assisted Reproduction in Latvia: From Private Experience to Ethical Issues.Signe Mezinska & Ilze Mileiko - 2013 - Studia Philosophica Estonica 6 (2):79-96.
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the process of risk communication in the context of assisted reproduction in Latvia. The paper is based on a qualitative methodology and two types of data: media analysis and 30 semi-structured interviews (11 patients, 4 egg donors, 15 experts). The study explores a broad definition of risk communication and explores three types of risks: health, psychosocial, and moral. We ask (1), who is involved in risk communication, (2), how risks are discussed using (...)
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    Metaphors of the Infertile Body.Signe Mezinska & Ilze Mileiko - 2012 - The New Bioethics 18 (1):36-49.
    The aim of this article is to analyse the role of metaphors for the infertile body in the context of assisted reproduction, using conceptual metaphor theory as a framework, and to evaluate the moral significance of these metaphors. This sub-study is part of a larger study examining the biosafety practices of new biotechnologies in Latvia. In the sub-study, special attention was paid to metaphors used by assisted reproductive technology users, egg donors and experts. It can be concluded that not only (...)
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