1.  31
    Semantics for von Wright's Latest Deontic Logic.Imre Ruzsa - 1976 - Studia Logica 35 (3):297-314.
  2.  19
    Remarks to Zinov'ev's Complex Logic.Imre Ruzsa - 1973 - Studia Logica 32 (1):149 - 158.
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  3.  52
    An Approach to Intensional Logic.Imre Ruzsa - 1981 - Studia Logica 40 (3):269 - 287.
    A system of tensed intensional logic excluding iterations of intensions is introduced. Instead of using the type symbols (for ‘sense’), extensional and intensional functor types are distinguished. A peculiarity of the semantics is the general acceptance of value-gaps (including truth-value-gaps): the possible semantic values (extensions) of extensional functors are partial functions. Some advantages of the system (relatively to R. Montague's intensional logic) are briefly indicated. Also, applications for modelling natural languages are illustrated by examples.
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  4.  10
    Modal Logic with Descriptions.Imre Ruzsa - 1981 - M. Nijhoff.
  5.  66
    Russell Versus Frege.Imre Ruzsa - 2010 - Croatian Journal of Philosophy 10 (1):13-20.
    According to Russell’s famous Gray’s Elegy argument within “On Denoting”, Frege’s distinction between Sinn and Bedeutung is problematic when applied to a denoting phrase like ‘the first line of Gray’s Elegy’, which denotes a linguistic expression: ‘The curfew tolls the knell of parting day’. The author shows that Russell’s Gray’s Elegy argument involves imprecision in the use of quotation marks as well as the unwarranted identification of an expression’s meaning with the expression itself.
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  6.  13
    Two Variants of the System of Entailment.Imre Ruzsa - 1975 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 21 (1):57-68.