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  1. Civic Purpose in Late Adolescence: Factors that Prevent Decline in Civic Engagement After High School.Heather Malin, Hyemin Han & Indrawati Liauw - 2017 - Developmental Psychology 53 (7):1384-1397.
    This study investigated the effects of internal and demographic variables on civic development in late adolescence using the construct civic purpose. We conducted surveys on civic engagement with 480 high school seniors, and surveyed them again two years later. Using multivariate regression and linear mixed models, we tested the main effects of civic purpose dimensions (beyond-the-self motivation, future civic intention), ethnicity, and education on civic development from Time 1 to Time 2. Results showed that while there is an overall decrease (...)
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  2. Moral Identity Predicts the Development of Presence of Meaning during Emerging Adulthood.Hyemin Han, Indrawati Liauw & Ashley Floyd Kuntz - forthcoming - Emerging Adulthood.
    We examined change over time in the relationship between moral identity and presence of meaning during early adulthood. Moral identity refers to a sense of morality and moral values that are central to one’s identity. Presence of meaning refers to the belief that one’s existence has meaning, purpose, and value. Participants responded to questions on moral identity and presence of meaning in their senior year of high school and two years after. Mixed effects model analyses were used to examine how (...)
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  3. Ethics in the biotechnology century : The south and southeast asian response, indonesia.Indrawati Gandjar & Noviar Andayani - 2002 - In Abu Bakar Abdul Majeed (ed.), Bioethics: Ethics in the Biotechnology Century. Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia.
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    Contextualization of Religion and Entrepreneurial Performance: A Lens of Buddhist Small Business Entrepreneurs.Lufina Mahadewi, Surachman Surachman, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo & Nur Khusniyah Indrawati - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    This study explores the manifestation of Buddhism's conception in underlying entrepreneurial performance. The study is a qualitative research approach with a development direction that comes from successful Buddhist small business entrepreneurs in Bekasi, Indonesia. The interpretive paradigm is used to interpret social life in the reality of successful Buddhist small business entrepreneurs on entrepreneurial performance. Data collection using in-depth interviews with Buddhist small business entrepreneurs in an open-ended format. Data analysis was done in many stages, including domain analysis, taxonomy analysis, (...)
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