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  1. Locke on Toleration.Ingrid Creppell - 1996 - Political Theory 24 (2):200-240.
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    Introduction.Thomas Christiano, Ingrid Creppell & Jack Knight - 2017 - In Thomas Christiano, Ingrid Creppell & Jack Knight (eds.), Morality, Governance, and Social Institutions: Reflections on Russell Hardin. Cham: Springer Verlag. pp. 1-21.
    Russell Hardin produced a body of work of great breadth and richness on essential subjects of the social sciences and political and moral philosophy: collective action, trust, utilitarian ethics, groups and conflict, institutions, and knowledge. The volume of output, the engagement with cross-cutting fields of scholarship and myriad subjects, and his at-times conversational mode of analysis make a succinct encapsulation difficult. In this introduction, we give a brief account of three main areas of Hardin’s work: his distinctive take on the (...)
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    Morality, Governance, and Social Institutions: Reflections on Russell Hardin.Thomas Christiano, Ingrid Creppell & Jack Knight (eds.) - 2017 - Cham: Springer Verlag.
    This book reflects on the research and career of political theorist Russell Hardin from scholars of Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, and Law, among other disciplines. Contributions address core issues of political theory as perceived by Hardin, starting with his insistence that many of the basic institutions of modern society and their formative historical beginnings can be understood as proceeding primarily from the self-interested motives of the participants. Many of the contributions in this volume struggle with the constraints imposed on (...)
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  4. The democratic element in Hobbes's' Behemoth'.Ingrid Creppell - 2003 - Filozofski Vestnik 24 (2):7-35.
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    Montaigne: The embodiment of identity as grounds for toleration.Ingrid Creppell - 2001 - Res Publica 7 (3):247-271.
    One of the most important issues today is the conflict between identity groups. Can the concept of toleration provide resources for thinking about this? The standard definition of toleration – rejection or disapproval of a practice or belief followed by a constraint of oneself from repressing it –has limits. If we seek to make political and social conditions of toleration among diverse people a stable reality, we need to flesh out more deeply and widely what that depends upon. The essence (...)
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    White's Weak Ontology: The Bearable Lightness of Being.Ingrid Creppell - 2000 - Theory and Event 4 (2).
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    Book Review: Montaigne and the Tolerance of Politics, by Douglas I. Thompson. [REVIEW]Ingrid Creppell - 2020 - Political Theory 48 (3):405-410.