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    Duality via Truth: Semantic frameworks for lattice-based logics.Ewa Orlowska & Ingrid Rewitzky - 2005 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 13 (4):467-490.
    A method of defining semantics of logics based on not necessarily distributive lattices is presented. The key elements of the method are representation theorems for lattices and duality between classes of lattices and classes of some relational systems . We suggest a type of duality referred to as a duality via truth which leads to Kripke-style semantics and three-valued semantics in the style of Allwein-Dunn. We develop two new representation theorems for lattices which, together with the existing theorems by Urquhart (...)
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    A Paradigm for Program Semantics: Power Structures and Duality.Chris Brink & Ingrid M. Rewitzky - 2001 - Center for the Study of Language and Inf.
    This book provides a synthesis of four versions of program semantic—srelational semantics, predicate transformer semantics, information systems, and domain theory—showing, through an exhaustive case study analysis, that it is possible to do back-and-forth translation from any of these versions of program semantics into any of the others, and demonstrating that while there are many variations of each, in principle they may be thought of as intertranslatable.
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    Three dual ontologies.Chris Brink & Ingrid Rewitzky - 2002 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 31 (6):543-568.
    In this paper we give an example of intertranslatability between an ontology of individuals (nominalism), an ontology of properties (realism), and an ontology of facts (factualism). We demonstrate that these three ontologies are dual to each other, meaning that each ontology can be translated into, and recaptured from, each of the others. The aiin of the enterprise is to raise the possibility that, at least in some settings, there may be no need for considerations of ontological primacy. Whether the world (...)
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    Joanna Golińska-Pilarek and Michał Zawidzki, (eds.), Ewa Orłowska on Relational Methods in Logic and Computer Science. Springer International Publishing, Series: Outstanding Contributions to Logic, Vol. 17, 2018, pp. 502: ISBN 978-3-319-97878-9 (Hardcover) EURO 135,19, ISBN 978-3-319-97879-6 (eBook) EURO 106,99. [REVIEW]Ingrid Rewitzky - 2020 - Studia Logica 109 (2):443-445.
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