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  1. Kant: Making Reason Intuitive.Kyriaki Goudeli, Pavlos Kontos & Iole Patelle (eds.) - 2007 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Kant denies that Reason is intuitive, but demands that we must - in some way - 'make' Reason intuitive, and follow its guidance, particularly in matters of morality. In this book, a group of scholars attempt to analyze and explore this central paradox within Kantian thought. Each essay explores the question from a different perspective - from political philosophy, ethics and religion to science and aesthetics. The essays thus also reformulate the core question in different forms, for example, how are (...)
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    Tragic Irony in Ovid, Heroides 9 and 11.Sergio Casall - 1995 - Classical Quarterly 45 (02):505-.
    A dominant theme in the ninth of the Heroides, Deianira's letter to Hercules, is Deianira's indignation that Hercules has been defeated by a woman: first by Iole ; then by Omphale . The theme is exploited so insistently that Vessey, who regards the epistle as spurious, sees in this insistence a sign of the forger's clumsiness. consider the exploitation of the motive of‘victor victus’ in Heroides 9, on the contrary, as a strong sign of Ovidian authorship. From the very (...)
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    Heracles' Intention in His Second Request of Hyllus: Trach. 1216–51.J. Kenneth MacKinnon - 1971 - Classical Quarterly 21 (01):33-.
    Commentators on the Trachiniae, when dealing with Heracles' second request of Hyllus, normally take it that the dying hero asks his son to marry Iole, Heracles' concubine. Such a request on the part of any Greek in Heracles' situation would be puzzling. It is specially so on the part of Heracles, who has not been notable in the drama up to this point for tenderness to his womenfolk, having given no consideration to Deianeira's sentiments in the matter of his (...)
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