1.  18
    The Elusive Ideal of Inclusiveness: Lessons From a Worldwide Survey of Neurologists on the Ethical Issues Raised by Whole-Genome Sequencing.Thierry Hurlimann, Iris Jaitovich Groisman & Béatrice Godard - 2017 - BMC Medical Ethics 18 (1):28.
    The anticipation of ethical issues that may arise with the clinical use of genomic technologies is crucial to envision their future implementation in a manner sensitive to local contexts. Yet, populations in low- and middle-income countries are underrepresented in studies that aim to explore stakeholders’ perspectives on the use of such technologies. Within the framework of a research project entitled “Personalized medicine in the treatment of epilepsy”, we sought to increase inclusiveness by widening the reach of our survey, inviting neurologists (...)
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    Consenting for Current Genetic Research: Is Canadian Practice Adequate?Iris Jaitovich Groisman, Nathalie Egalite & Beatrice Godard - 2014 - BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1):80.
    In order to ensure an adequate and ongoing protection of individuals participating in scientific research, the impacts of new biomedical technologies, such as Next Generation Sequencing , need to be assessed. In this light, a necessary reexamination of the ethical and legal structures framing research could lead to requisite changes in informed consent modalities. This would have implications for Institutional Review Boards , who bear the responsibility of guaranteeing that participants are verifiably informed, and in sufficient detail, to understand the (...)
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    Consenting for Current Genetic Research: Views of Canadian Institutional Review Board Members.Iris Jaitovich Groisman & Beatrice Godard - 2015 - Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics 6 (4).
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