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  1. Gender inequalities in health research : An australian perspective.Belinda Bennett, Isabel Karpin, Angela Ballantyne & Wendy Rogers - 2008 - In Michael D. A. Freeman (ed.), Law and Bioethics / Edited by Michael Freeman. Oxford University Press.
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    Perfecting pregnancy: law, disability, and the future of reproduction.Isabel Karpin - 2012 - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Edited by Kristin Savell.
    Prenatal and preimplantation testing technologies have offered unprecedented access to information about the genetic and congenital makeup of our prospective progeny. Future developments such as preconception testing, non-intrusive prenatal testing and more extensive preimplantation testing promise to increase that access further still. The result may be greater reproductive choice, but it also increases the burden on women and men to avail themselves of these technologies in order to avoid having a child with a disability. The overwhelming question for legislators has (...)
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    The 'Healthy' Embryo: Social, Biomedical, Legal and Philosophical Perspectives.Jeff Nisker, Françoise Baylis, Isabel Karpin, Carolyn McLeod & Roxanne Mykitiuk (eds.) - 2010 - Cambridge University Press.
    Public attention on embryo research has never been greater. Modern reproductive medicine technology and the use of embryos to generate stem cells ensure that this will continue to be a topic of debate and research across many disciplines. This multidisciplinary book explores the concept of a 'healthy' embryo, its implications on the health of children and adults, and how perceptions of what constitutes child and adult health influence the concept of embryo 'health'. The concept of human embryo health is considered (...)
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    Regulatory options for gender equity in health research.Belinda Bennett & Isabel Karpin - 2008 - International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 1 (2):80-99.
    It is clear that where a disease affects men and women differently, research on potential therapies or cures should include both men and women and should examine whether the therapy is effective and safe for both sexes. In this paper we consider whether there is an appropriate role for law in regulating to ensure an examination of these sex- and gender-specific aspects in health research. We consider the relative advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a regulatory approach to achieving gender equity (...)
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    Introduction.Angela Ballantyne, Belinda Bennett, Isabel Karpin & Wendy Rogers - 2008 - International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 1 (2):1-4.
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