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    Economic Methodology: Understanding Economics as a Science.Ivan A. Boldyrev - 2011 - Journal of Economic Methodology 18 (4):427-432.
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    Hegel’s “Objective Spirit”, Extended Mind, and the Institutional Nature of Economic Action.Ivan A. Boldyrev & Carsten Herrmann-Pillath - 2013 - Mind and Society 12 (2):177-202.
    This paper explores the implications of the recent revival of Hegel studies for the philosophy of economics. We argue that Hegel’s theory of Objective Spirit anticipates many elements of modern approaches in cognitive sciences and of the philosophy of mind, which adopt an externalist framework. In particular, Hegel pre-empts the theories of social and distributed cognition. The pivotal elements of Hegelian social ontology are the continuity thesis, the performativity thesis, and the recognition thesis, which, when taken together, imply that all (...)
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    Philosophy of Science or Science and Technology Studies? Economic Methodology and Auction Theory.Ivan A. Boldyrev - 2012 - International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 26 (3):289-307.
    This article addresses some recent tendencies in economic methodology defined as a philosophy of science for economics. I review the problem of normative/positive distinction in methodology and argue that normativity in its past forms is intolerable today but is, at the same time, indispensable for methodological inquiry. Using recent texts by Mirowski and Nik-Khah and by Alexandrova and Northcott on the applications of auction theory as a case study, I compare in more detail various approaches to economic methodology inspired by (...)
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    Faust_ and the _Phenomenology of Spirit.Ivan A. Boldyrev - 2011 - Russian Studies in Philosophy 49 (4):65-95.
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    Kantian Ethics and Economics: Autonomy, Dignity, and Character (Review).Ivan A. Boldyrev - 2012 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 50 (2):298-299.