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Jonne Kriener
Birkbeck College
  1. Axiomatizing Semantic Theories of Truth?Martin Fischer, Volker Halbach, Jönne Kriener & Johannes Stern - 2015 - Review of Symbolic Logic 8 (2):257-278.
    We discuss the interplay between the axiomatic and the semantic approach to truth. Often, semantic constructions have guided the development of axiomatic theories and certain axiomatic theories have been claimed to capture a semantic construction. We ask under which conditions an axiomatic theory captures a semantic construction. After discussing some potential criteria, we focus on the criterion of ℕ-categoricity and discuss its usefulness and limits.
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    The Groundedness Approach to Class Theory.Jönne Kriener - 2014 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 57 (2):244-273.
    Kripke showed how to restrict Tarski’s schema to grounded sentences. I examine the prospects for an analogous approach to the paradoxes of naive class comprehension. I present new methods to obtain theories of grounded classes and test them against antecedently motivated desiderata. My findings cast doubt on whether a theory of grounded classes can accommodate both the extensionality of classes and allow for class definition in terms of identity.
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  3. Groundedness - Its Logic and Metaphysics.Jönne Kriener - 2014 - Dissertation, Birkbeck College, University of London
    In philosophical logic, a certain family of model constructions has received particular attention. Prominent examples are the cumulative hierarchy of well-founded sets, and Kripke's least fixed point models of grounded truth. I develop a general formal theory of groundedness and explain how the well-founded sets, Cantor's extended number-sequence and Kripke's concepts of semantic groundedness are all instances of the general concept, and how the general framework illuminates these cases. Then, I develop a new approach to a grounded theory of proper (...)
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