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    Deontic Logics for Prioritized Imperatives.Jörg Hansen - 2006 - Artificial Intelligence and Law 14 (1-2):1-34.
    When a conflict of duties arises, a resolution is often sought by use of an ordering of priority or importance. This paper examines how such a conflict resolution works, compares mechanisms that have been proposed in the literature, and gives preference to one developed by Brewka and Nebel. I distinguish between two cases – that some conflicts may remain unresolved, and that a priority ordering can be determined that resolves all – and provide semantics and axiomatic systems for accordingly defined (...)
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    The Paradoxes of Deontic Logic: Alive and Kicking.Jörg Hansen - 2006 - Theoria 72 (3):221-232.
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    Conflicting Imperatives and Dyadic Deontic Logic.Jörg Hansen - 2005 - Journal of Applied Logic 3 (3-4):484-511.
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    Be Nice! How Simple Imperatives Simplify Imperative Logic.Jörg Hansen - 2014 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 43 (5):965-977.
    In a series of articles, P. Vranas recently proposed a new imperative logic. The strong and weak inferences of this logic are motivated by an appeal to a strong and weak ‘support by reasons’ that transfers from the premisses of an argument to its conclusion. They also combine nonmonotonic and monotonic reasoning patterns. I show that for any moral agent, Vranas’s proposal can be simplified enormously.
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    Problems and Results for Logics About Imperatives.Jörg Hansen - 2004 - Journal of Applied Logic 2 (1):39-61.