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    A Pervasive Approach to EEG-Based Depression Detection.Hanshu Cai, Jiashuo Han, Yunfei Chen, Xiaocong Sha, Ziyang Wang, Bin Hu, Jing Yang, Lei Feng, Zhijie Ding, Yiqiang Chen & Jürg Gutknecht - 2018 - Complexity 2018:1-13.
    Nowadays, depression is the world’s major health concern and economic burden worldwide. However, due to the limitations of current methods for depression diagnosis, a pervasive and objective approach is essential. In the present study, a psychophysiological database, containing 213 subjects, was constructed. The electroencephalogram signals of all participants under resting state and sound stimulation were collected using a pervasive prefrontal-lobe three-electrode EEG system at Fp1, Fp2, and Fpz electrode sites. After denoising using the Finite Impulse Response filter combining the Kalman (...)
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    An Effective Method to Identify Adolescent Generalized Anxiety Disorder by Temporal Features of Dynamic Functional Connectivity.Zhijun Yao, Mei Liao, Tao Hu, Zhe Zhang, Yu Zhao, Fang Zheng, Jürg Gutknecht, Dennis Majoe, Bin Hu & Lingjiang Li - 2017 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11.
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    Frequency-Specific Functional Connectivity Density as an Effective Biomarker for Adolescent Generalized Anxiety Disorder.Zhe Zhang, Mei Liao, Zhijun Yao, Bin Hu, Yuanwei Xie, Weihao Zheng, Tao Hu, Yu Zhao, Fan Yang, Yan Zhang, Linyan Su, Lingjiang Li, Jürg Gutknecht & Dennis Majoe - 2017 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11.