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J. -F. Lyotard [4]J. -Fr Lyotard [1]
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    Discourse, Figure.J. -F. Lyotard - 1971 - University of Minnesota Press.
    Lyotard’s earliest major work, available in English for the first time. Jean-François Lyotard is recognized as one of the most significant French philosophers of the twentieth century. Although nearly all of his major writing has been translated into English, one important work has until now been unavailable. Discourse, Figure is Lyotard’s thesis. Provoked in part by Lacan’s influential seminars in Paris, Discourse, Figure distinguishes between the meaningfulness of linguistic signs and the meaningfulness of plastic arts such as painting and sculpture. (...)
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    Adorno as the Devil.J. -F. Lyotard - 1974 - Télos 1974 (19):127-137.
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    Anima minima.J. -Fr Lyotard - 1994 - Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 56 (1):1 - 13.
    As a rational discourse philosophy can not be reduced to any cultural concern. Culture we call that civilization which became aware of its own mortality and henceforth cultivates the aesthetic pleasure of representing its ruined ideals. It is the responsibility of philosophy to think through to the end the project of modern philosophical aesthetics, thus accomplishing it. The description of the aesthetic condition shows that aisthesis does not have to provide the fake peace of consentment with the sensible but on (...)
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    On Terror and the Sublime.J. -F. Lyotard - 1986 - Télos 1986 (67):196-198.
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  5. La réflexion dans l'esthétique kantienne in Kant: Critique du jugement (1790-1990)(1ère partie).J. -F. Lyotard - 1990 - Revue Internationale de Philosophie 44 (175):507-551.
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