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    In Search of Bioethics: A Personal Postscript.J. A. Mainetti - 1996 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 21 (6):671-679.
    De nobis ipsis silemus: About ourselves — we keep silent. If we violate this prudent rule by the least modest of literary exercises — the autobiography — we must be able to say that we do so to bear witness. From my intellectual vocation of physician and philosopher, I have received the Chinese blessing of “living in interesting times.” I received two degrees in 1962 and spent thirty years developing a previously unimaginable encounter between medicine and humanism. That which follows (...)
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    The Birth of the Clinic. By Michel Foucault. Translated by A. M. Sheridan Smith. New York: Pantheon Books, 1973. Pp. 215. $8.95. (First Published in French as Naissance de la Clinique [Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1963].). [REVIEW]J. A. Mainetti - 1977 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2 (1):77-83.
  3. Hospital Ethics Committees In: Connor SS, Fuenzilida–Puelma HL, Eds.J. C. Tealdi & J. A. Mainetti - forthcoming - Bioethics: Issues and Perspectives. Washington Dc: Paho.