1. Evidence for Multistability in Visual Perception of Pigeons.J. D. Haynes, G. Vetter & S. Pfaff - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):S52 - S52.
  2. Phase Transitions in Learning.G. Vetter, M. Stadler & J. D. Haynes - 1997 - Journal of Mind and Behavior 18 (2-3):335-350.
    Two classic learning situations are critically reviewed and interpreted from a synergetic point of view: human learning of complex skills, and animal discrimination learning. Both show typical characteristics of nonlinear phase transitions: instability, fluctuations, critical slowing down and reorganisation. Plateaus in the acquisition curves of complex skills can be viewed as phases of arrested progress in which a reorganisation of simple skills is necessary before their integration into complex units is possible. Fluctuations and critical slowing down are expressed in instances (...)
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