1.  8
    Equal Justice.J. H. Bogart - 1991 - Ethics 103 (4):822-824.
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  2. Lockean Provisos and State of Nature Theories.J. H. Bogart - 1985 - Ethics 95 (4):828-836.
    State of nature theories have a long history and play a lively role in contemporary work. Theories of this kind share certain nontrivial commitments. Among these are commitments to inclusion of a Lockean proviso among the principles of justice and to an assumption of invariance of political principles across changes of circumstances. In this article I want to look at those two commitments and bring to light what I believe are some important difficulties they engender. For nonpattern state of nature (...)
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  3.  97
    Death is Different: Studies in the Morality, Law, and Politics of Capital Punishment. Hugo Adam Bedau.J. H. Bogart - 1988 - Ethics 99 (1):167-168.
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  4.  99
    Legislative Duty and the Independence of Law.J. H. Bogart - 1987 - Law and Philosophy 6 (2):187 - 203.
    This essay considers the nature of duties incumbent on legislators in virtue of the office itself. I argue that there is no duty for a legislator to enact a criminal law based on morality; there is no duty to incorporate substantive moral conditions into the criminal law; and there is therefore no duty derivable from the nature of the legislative office itself to make conditions of culpability depend on those of moral responsibility. Finally, I argue that the relation between morality (...)
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  5.  20
    Book Review:Equal Justice Eric Rakowski. [REVIEW]J. H. Bogart - 1993 - Ethics 103 (4):822-.
  6.  18
    Book Review:Justifying International Acts. Lea Brilmayer. [REVIEW]J. H. Bogart - 1991 - Ethics 101 (4):880-.
  7.  16
    Book Review:Affirmative Action and Justice: A Philosophical and Constitutional Inquiry. Michel Rosenfeld. [REVIEW]J. H. Bogart - 1992 - Ethics 102 (4):867-.
  8.  21
    Grounds of Liability: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law. Alan R. White.J. H. Bogart - 1987 - Ethics 97 (3):673-674.
  9.  5
    Book Review:Sex and Reason. Richard A. Posner. [REVIEW]J. H. Bogart - 1995 - Ethics 105 (3):670-.
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