1. A survey of abstract algebraic logic.J. M. Font, R. Jansana & D. Pigozzi - 2003 - Studia Logica 74 (1-2):13 - 97.
  2.  87
    Algebraic logic for classical conjunction and disjunction.J. M. Font & V. Verdú - 1993 - Studia Logica 52 (1):181.
    In this paper we study the relations between the fragment L of classical logic having just conjunction and disjunction and the variety D of distributive lattices, within the context of Algebraic Logic. We prove that these relations cannot be fully expressed either with the tools of Blok and Pigozzi's theory of algebraizable logics or with the use of reduced matrices for L. However, these relations can be naturally formulated when we introduce a new notion of model of a sequent calculus. (...)
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    Characterization of the reduced matrices for the {∧,∨}-fragment of classical logic.J. M. Font, F. Guzmán & V. Verdú - 1991 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 20 (3/4):124-128.
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