1.  33
    A paraconsistent 3-valued logic related to Godel logic G3.G. Robles & J. M. Mendez - 2014 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 22 (4):515-538.
  2.  28
    A binary Routley semantics for intuitionistic De Morgan minimal logic HM and its extensions.G. Robles & J. M. Mendez - 2015 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 23 (2):174-193.
  3.  27
    A Class of Simpler Logical Matrices for the Variable-Sharing Property.G. Robles & J. M. Méndez - 2011 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 20 (3):241-249.
    In our paper “A general characterization of the variable-sharing property by means of logical matrices”, a general class of so-called “Relevant logical matrices”, RMLs, is defined. The aim of this paper is to define a class of simpler Relevant logical matrices RMLs′serving the same purpose that RMLs, to wit: any logic verified by an RML′has the variable-sharing property and related properties predicable of the logic of entailment E and of the logic of relevance R.
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  4.  33
    A Routley-Meyer semantics for truth-preserving and well-determined Lukasiewicz 3-valued logics.G. Robles & J. M. Mendez - 2014 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 22 (1):1-23.
    Łukasiewicz 3-valued logic Ł3 is often understood as the set of all valid formulas according to Łukasiewicz 3-valued matrices MŁ3. Following Wojcicki, in addition, we shall consider two alternative interpretations of Ł3: ‘truth-preserving’ Ł3a and ‘well-determined’ Ł3b defined by two different consequence relations on the 3-valued matrices MŁ3. The aim of this article is to provide a Routley–Meyer ternary semantics for each one of these three versions of Łukasiewicz 3-valued logic: Ł3, Ł3a and Ł3b.
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  5. de Rijke, M., 109 Di Maio, MC, 435 Doria, FA, 553 French, S., 603.E. M. Hammer, J. Hawthorne, M. Kracht, E. Martino, J. M. Mendez, R. K. Meyer, L. S. Moss, A. Tzouvaras, J. van Benthem & F. Wolter - 1998 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 27 (661).
  6.  43
    Intuitionistic propositional logic without 'contraction' but with 'reductio'.J. M. Méndez & F. Salto - 2000 - Studia Logica 66 (3):409-418.
    Routley- Meyer type relational complete semantics are constructed for intuitionistic contractionless logic with reductio. Different negation completions of positive intuitionistic logic without contraction are treated in a systematical, unified and semantically complete setting.
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  7. A note on the semantics of minimal intuitionism.J. M. Méndez - 1988 - Logique Et Analyse 31 (123-124):371-377.
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  8.  9
    The Basic Constructive Logic for a Weak Sense of Consistency defined with a Propositional Falsity Constant.G. Robles & J. M. Mendez - 2008 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 16 (1):33-41.
    The logic BKc1 is the basic constructive logic in the ternary relational semantics adequate to consistency understood as the absence of the negation of any theorem. Negation is introduced in BKc1 with a negation connective. The aim of this paper is to define the logic BKc1F. In this logic negation is introduced via a propositional falsity constant. We prove that BKc1 and BKc1F are definitionally equivalent.
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