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    On Distinguishing Between Love and Lust.J. Martin Stafford - 1977 - Journal of Value Inquiry 11 (4):292-303.
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    Love and Lust Revisited: Intentionality, Homosexuality and Moral Education.J. Martin Stafford - 1988 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 5 (1):87-100.
    In his book SEXUAL DESIRE, Roger Scruton wrongly maintains that human sexual experience is essential intentional. His thesis depends on his highly revisionary definition of 'sexual desire', the artificial nature of which I expose and criticise. He admits that homosexual desire is capable of the same kind of intentionality as heterosexual desire, and is therefore not intrinsically obscene or perverted, but he advances reasons why homosexuality is morally different from heterosexuality and is therefore an object of disapproval. His arguments presuppose (...)
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    Marxism, Neutrality and Education.J. Martin Stafford - 1981 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 15 (2):161–167.
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    Hume, Spencer and the Standard of Morals.J. Martin Stafford - 1983 - Philosophy 58 (223):39 - 55.
    Philosophy has often been represented by its detractors, and even sometimes by its practitioners, as a subject which, unlike the natural sciences, exhibits a degree of progress far from commensurate with its long history. Many of the questions entertained by the ancients are still very much alive: answers proffered are put forward very tentatively, seldom meet with universal acceptance, and frequently give rise to controversy even more prolific than that which they were intended to lay low.
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    In Defence of Gay Lessons.J. Martin Stafford - 1988 - Journal of Moral Education 17 (1):11-20.
    Abstract The arguments against the positive treatment of homosexuality depend on such false premises as that it is an illness or is socially subversive or that homosexuals are necessarily promiscuous. Since most of the problems are engendered by the intolerance and hostility which flow from unwarranted negative attitudes, these need to be countered by dissemination of correct information and constructive discussion. The term positive image is a relative one without unambiguous denotation. However, many repellent images are projected by homosexuals themselves. (...)
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    The Two Minds of Roger Scruton.J. Martin Stafford - 1991 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 11 (2):187-193.
    In two recent pieces Roger Scruton recommends that we should instil in children feelings of revulsion towards homosexuality; whereas the corollaries of his earlier book Sexual Desire contradict this. These inconsistences are exposed and discussedand the preferability of his earlier stance defended.
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    Public Schools, Private Privilege and Common Sense.J. Martin Stafford - 1985 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 19 (1):137–141.
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    Hutcheson, Hume and the Ontology of Morals.J. Martin Stafford - 1985 - Journal of Value Inquiry 19 (2):133-151.
    This long paper (19 pages; about 7,000 words) is a trenchant critique of the first half of David Norton’s 1982 book David Hume: Common Sense Moralist, Sceptical Metaphysician. Norton claims that both Hutcheson and Hume were ‘moral realists’, and imputes to them an inflated moral ontology at sharp variance with what they actually wrote. Indeed, Norton’s interpretation is sustainable only when the texts are grossly misrepresented by paraphrases which say the opposite of what the authors actually wrote. The paper concludes: (...)
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    In Defence of Sensualism: A Reply to M. J. Newby.J. Martin Stafford - 1989 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 23 (1):123–128.
  10.  6
    A Rejoinder to Professor Edgley.J. Martin Stafford - 1981 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 15 (2):171–174.
  11.  7
    John Wilson, Prophet of the Sane Society.J. Martin Stafford - 1979 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 13 (1):169–186.