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    Categorical perception of colour in the left and right visual field is verbally mediated: Evidence from Korean.Debi Roberson, Hyensou Pak & J. Richard Hanley - 2008 - Cognition 107 (2):752-762.
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    Thresholds for color discrimination in English and Korean speakers.Debi Roberson, J. Richard Hanley & Hyensou Pak - 2009 - Cognition 112 (3):482-487.
    Categorical perception (CP) is said to occur when a continuum of equally spaced physical changes is perceived as unequally spaced as a function of category membership (Harnad, S. (Ed.) (1987). Psychophysical and cognitive aspects of categorical perception: A critical overview. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). A common suggestion is that CP for color arises because perception is qualitatively distorted when we learn to categorize a dimension. Contrary to this view, we here report that English speakers show no evidence of lowered discrimination (...)
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    Phonological awareness and visual skills in learning to read Chinese and English.H. S. Huang & J. Richard Hanley - 1995 - Cognition 54 (1):73-98.
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    The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon: Do experimenter-presented interlopers have any effect?Timothy J. Perfect & J. Richard Hanley - 1992 - Cognition 45 (1):55-75.
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  5. Cognitive Neuropsychology and the Philosophy of Mind.J. Richard Hanley - 1991 - In Raymond Tallis & Howard Robinson (eds.), The Pursuit of Mind. Carcanet. pp. 70.
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    The man who mistook his neuropsychologist for a popstar: when configural processing fails in acquired prosopagnosia.Ashok Jansari, Scott Miller, Laura Pearce, Stephanie Cobb, Noam Sagiv, Adrian L. Williams, Jeremy J. Tree & J. Richard Hanley - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.