Judy Wubnig [3]Judith Wubnig [2]J. Wubnig [2]
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    Miriam Van Reijen, Lars Aagaard-Mogensen, Judy Wubnig, Philip L. Peterson.Miriam Van Reijen, Lars Aagaard-Mogensen, Judy Wubnig & Philip L. Peterson - 1988 - Philosophie Et Culture: Actes du XVIIe Congrès Mondial de Philosophie 5:615-615.
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    Book Review:Philosophical Problems in Biology Vincent E. Smith. [REVIEW]Judith Wubnig - 1968 - Philosophy of Science 35 (3):300-.
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    The Epigenesis of Pure Reason. A Note on the Critique of Pure Reason, B, Sec. 27,165—168.J. Wubnig - 1969 - Kant-Studien 60 (2):147-152.
  4. Arithmetic and Combinatorics: Kant and His Contemporaries.Judy Wubnig (ed.) - 1985 - Southern Illinois University Press.
    This is the only work to provide a histori­cal account of Kant’s theory of arith­metic, examining in detail the theories of both his predecessors and his successors. Until his death, Martin was the editor of _Kant-Studien _from 1954_, _of the gen­eral Kant index from 1964, of the Leibniz index from 1968, and coeditor of _Leib­nizstudien _from 1969. This background is used to its fullest as he strives to make clear the historical milieu in which Kant’s mathematical contributions de­veloped. He uses (...)
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  5. A Study of the Relationship Between Morality and Rationality in Kant's Critique of Aesthetic Judgment.Judith Wubnig - 1963 - Dissertation, Yale University
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