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    Pupil Diameter Reflects Uncertainty in Attentional Selection During Visual Search.Joy J. Geng, Zachary Blumenfeld, Terence L. Tyson & Michael J. Minzenberg - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    Continuations: Essays on Medieval French Literature and Language in Honor of John L. Grigsby.Norris J. Lacy, Gloria Torrini-Roblin. [REVIEW]Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski - 1992 - Speculum 67 (1):176-178.
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    The Judgment of the Trojan Prince Paris in Medieval Literature. Margaret J. Ehrhart.Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski - 1989 - Speculum 64 (2):409-412.
  4. Cultivating Curious and Creative Minds: The Role of Teachers and Teacher Educators, Part Ii.Terrell M. Peace, Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones, Anne Chodakowski, Julia Cote, Cheryl J. Craig, Joyce M. Dutcher, Kieran Egan, Ginny Esch, Sharon Friesen, Brenda Gladstone, David Jardine, Kathryn L. Jenkins, Gillian C. Judson, Dixie K. Keyes, Beverly J. Klug, Chris Lasher-Zwerling, Teresa Leavitt, Shaun Murphy, Jacqueline Sack, Kym Stewart, Madalina Tanase, Kip Téllez, Sandra Wasko-Flood & Patricia T. Whitfield - 2011 - R&L Education.
    Presents a plethora of approaches to developing human potential in areas not conventionally addressed. Organized in two parts, this international collection of essays provides viable educational alternatives to those currently holding sway in an era of high-stakes accountability.
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    Commentary: What Kind of Fire or Whose Feet?John J. Paris & M. Patrick Moore - 2010 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 19 (3):407-411.
    Thirty years later we seem no closer to a consensus on the ethics of sterilizing profoundly mentally compromised young girls than was Judge Blumenfeld.
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