1.  2
    Eye Movements and the Associative Basis of Contingent Color Aftereffects: A Comment on Siegel, Allan, and Eissenberg.Jack Broerse & Peter Grimbeek - 1994 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 123 (1):81-85.
  2.  27
    What is the Point of Attempting to Make a Case for Cognitive Impenetrability of Visual Perception?Boris Crassini, Jack Broerse, R. H. Day, Christopher J. Best & W. A. Sparrow - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (3):372-373.
    We question the usefulness of Pylyshyn's dichotomy between cognitively penetrable and cognitively impenetrable mechanisms as the basis for his distinction between cognition and early vision. This dichotomy is comparable to others that have been proposed in psychology prompting disputes that by their very nature could not be resolved. This fate is inevitable for Pylyshyn's thesis because of its reliance on internal representations and their interpretation. What is more fruitful in relation to this issue is not a difficult dichotomy, but a (...)
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  3.  13
    Orientation Illusion and Masking in Central and Peripheral Vision.Ray Over, Jack Broerse & Boris Crassini - 1972 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 96 (1):25.
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    Ethics of Research Involving Humans: Uniform Processes for Disparate Categories?Malcolm Parker, Jim Holt, Graeme Turner & Jack Broerse - 2003 - Monash Bioethics Review 22 (3):50-65.
    The Australian Health Ethics Committee’s National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans expanded the health and medical focus of preceding statements by including all disciplines of research. The Statement purports to promote a uniformly high ethical standard for this expanded range of research, and is endorsed by, inter alia, the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the Australian Academy of Science, and the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.High ethical standards should apply to all research involving humans. However, uniformity (...)
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