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    Awakening to Race: Individualism and Social Consciousness in America.Jack Turner - 2012 - University of Chicago Press.
    Drawing on the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Frederick Douglass, Ralph Ellison, and James Baldwin, Turner offers an original reconstruction of democratic individualism in American thought.
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    Performing Conscience.Jack Turner - 2005 - Political Theory 33 (4):448-471.
    Does Henry Thoreau have a positive politics? Depending on how one conceives of politics, answers will vary. Hannah Arendt famously portrayed Thoreau's commitment to the sanctity of individual conscience as distinctly unpolitical. More recent commentators grant that Thoreau has a politics, but they characterize it as profoundly negative in character. This essay argues that Thoreau indeed sponsors a positive politics-a politics of performing conscience. The performance of conscience before an audience transforms the invocation of consciencefrom a personally political act into (...)
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    John Locke, Christian mission, and colonial America.Jack Turner - 2011 - Modern Intellectual History 8 (2):267-297.
    John Locke was considerably interested and actively involved in the promotion of Protestant Christianity among American Indians and African slaves, yet this fact goes largely unremarked in historical scholarship. The evidence of this interest and involvement deserves analysis—for it illuminates fascinating and understudied features of Locke's theory of toleration and his thinking on American Indians, African slaves, and English colonialism. These features include (1) the compatibility between toleration and Christian mission, (2) the interconnection between Christian mission and English geopolitics, (3) (...)
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    Awakening to Race.Jack Turner - 2008 - Political Theory 36 (5):655-682.
    Ralph Ellison offers crucial insight into the meaning of conscientious citizenship in American democracy. In doing so, he follows his nineteenth-century Transcendentalist forebears--Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman--who have become key figures in contemporary efforts to theorize liberal democratic character. At the center of Emersonian ethics is the idea of " awakening." " Awakening " is the Emersonians' name for honest and courageous confrontation with reality. Ellison broadens the Emersonians' vision by insisting that one cannot be "well awake" in America without confronting (...)
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    Audre Lorde’s Anti-Imperial Consciousness.Jack Turner - 2021 - Political Theory 49 (2):243-271.
    Providing the first extended analysis of Audre Lorde’s critique of the 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada, this essay argues that Lorde’s critique models a form of anti-imperial consciousness that is still morally and politically instructive. Anti-imperial consciousness entails examining oneself for complicities with empire’s ravages, on the one hand, and solidarities with empire’s subjects, on the other. Lorde aims to generate in her readers a sense of horror at the ways they may be morally implicated in U.S. imperial injustice and (...)
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    Democracy, freedom, and Afro-modern political thought.Jack Turner - 2017 - Contemporary Political Theory 16 (4):532-540.
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    Animals, ethics, and trade: the challenge of animal sentience.Jacky Turner & Joyce D'Silva (eds.) - 2006 - Sterling, VA: Earthscan.
    can be adapted and adopted by developing countries. IFC sees this as being an area where we may be able to benchmark and promote positive change. ● The force of global trade initiatives also influences animal welfare.
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    Symposia on Gender, Race and Philosophy.Jack Turner - 2012 - Symposia on Gender, Race, and Philosophy 8 (1).