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Jacob Joshua Ross
Cambridge University (PhD)
  1. Against Postulating Central Systems in the Mind.Jacob J. Ross - 1990 - Philosophy of Science 57 (2):297-312.
    This paper is concerned with a recent argument of Jerry Fodor's to the effect that the frame problem in artificial intelligence is in principle insoluble. Fodor's argument is based on his contention that the mind is divided between encapsulated modular systems for information processing and 'central systems' for non-demonstrative inference. I argue that positing central systems is methodologically unsound, and in fact involves a muddle that bears a strong family resemblance to the basic error in dualism. I therefore conclude that (...)
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  2. Sefer Behinat Ha-Dat.Elijah ben Moses Abba Delmedigo & Jacob Joshua Ross - 1984 - Bet-Ha-Sefer le-Mada E Ha-Yahadut A. Sh. Hayim Rozenberg, Universitat Tel-Aviv.
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  3. The Appeal to the Given: A Study in Epistemology.Jacob Joshua Ross - 1970 - London: Routledge.
    Originally published in 1970. This work evaluates the appeal to the sensually given which played an important role in epistemological discussions during the early 20 th Century. While many contemporary philosophers regarded this appeal as a mistake, there were still some who defended the notion of the given and even made it the foundation of their views regarding perception. The author here points to several different views concerning the nature of the sensually given and argues that the issue between them (...)
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    Rationality and Commonsense.Jacob Joshua Ross - 1974 - Philosophia 4 (4):569-570.
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    The Primacy of the Personalist Concept of God in Jewish Thought.Jacob Joshua Ross - 1999 - Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy 8 (2):171-199.
  6. The Appeal to the Given: A Study in Epistemology.Jacob Joshua Ross - 1970 - Philosophy 45 (174):346-348.
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    Rationality and Common Sense: Discussion.Jacob Joshua Ross - 1978 - Philosophy 53 (205):374-381.
    In everyday arguments we often meet with such phrases as ‘That's rational, it is mere common sense’ used in conjunction to approve of or back up some particular statement. The juxtaposition of these everyday locutions embodies a profound truth, the truth, namely, that the basis of rational communication between human beings is plain common sense. I call this point profound because it has been missed in all the discussions about rationality and its basis that I know; certainly its elusiveness thus (...)
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