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Jaime Ramos
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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    From Fibring to Cryptofibring. A Solution to the Collapsing Problem.Carlos Caleiro & Jaime Ramos - 2007 - Logica Universalis 1 (1):71-92.
    . The semantic collapse problem is perhaps the main difficulty associated to the very powerful mechanism for combining logics known as fibring. In this paper we propose cryptofibred semantics as a generalization of fibred semantics, and show that it provides a solution to the collapsing problem. In particular, given that the collapsing problem is a special case of failure of conservativeness, we formulate and prove a sufficient condition for cryptofibring to yield a conservative extension of the logics being combined. For (...)
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  2. Précis de "E-physicalism - A Physicalist Theory Of Phenomenal Consciousness" (Spanish version).Reinaldo Bernal, Pierre Jacob, Maximilian Kistler, David Papineau, Jérôme Dokic, Juan Diego Morales Otero & Jaime Ramos - 2013 - Ideas Y Valores 62 (152):267-297.
    El libro E-physicalism - A Physicalist Theory of PhenomenalConsciousness presenta una teoría en el área de la metafísica de laconciencia fenomenal. Está basada en las convicciones de que la experienciasubjetiva -en el sentido de Nagel - es un fenómeno real,y de que alguna variante del fisicalismo debe ser verdadera.
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    Hierarchical Logical Consequence.Carlos Caleiro, Paula Gouveia & Jaime Ramos - 2011 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 19 (4):544-565.
    The modern view of logical reasoning as modeled by a consequence operator has allowed for huge developments in the study of logic as an abstract discipline. Still, it is unable to explain why it is often the case that the same designation is used, in an ambiguous way, to describe several distinct modes of reasoning over the same logical language. A paradigmatic example of such a situation is ‘modal logic’, a terminology which can encompass reasoning over Kripke frames, but also (...)
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    Essential Structure of Proofs as a Measure of Complexity.Jaime Ramos, João Rasga & Cristina Sernadas - 2020 - Logica Universalis 14 (2):209-242.
    The essential structure of proofs is proposed as the basis for a measure of complexity of formulas in FOL. The motivating idea was the recognition that distinct theorems can have the same derivation modulo some non essential details. Hence the difficulty in proving them is identical and so their complexity should be the same. We propose a notion of complexity of formulas capturing this property. With this purpose, we introduce the notions of schema calculus, schema derivation and description complexity of (...)
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