1. The Grounds of Solidarity: From Liberty to Loyalty.Fabio Wolkenstein & Jakob Kapeller - 2013 - European Journal of Social Theory 16 (4):476-491.
    Solidarity can be conceived in multiple ways. This article probes possible underlying ontological and normative assumptions of solidarity. In order to conceptually clarify the notion of solidarity, we distinguish between five types of solidarity. We suggest that solidarity is either grounded in the Enlightenment ideas of liberty, or a category of loyalty and allegiance. If the former is the case, solidarity can be justified on rational grounds. If the latter is the case, it is contingent on narratives of historical continuity (...)
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    Citation Patterns in Economics and Beyond.Matthias Aistleitner, Jakob Kapeller & Stefan Steinerberger - 2019 - Science in Context 32 (4):361-380.
    ArgumentIn this paper we comparatively explore three claims concerning the disciplinary character of economics by means of citation analysis. The three claims under study are: economics exhibits strong forms of institutional stratification and, as a byproduct, a rather pronounced internal hierarchy; economists strongly conform to institutional incentives; and modern mainstream economics is a largely self-referential intellectual project mostly inaccessible to disciplinary or paradigmatic outsiders. The validity of these claims is assessed by means of an interdisciplinary comparison of citation patterns aiming (...)
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