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    James Benjamin Wilbur (ed.) (1976). Spinoza's Metaphysics: Essays in Critical Appreciation. Van Gorcum.
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    Descartes' place in history, by L. J. Lafleur.--A central ambiguity in Descartes, by S. Rosen.--Doubt, common sense and affirmation in Descartes and Hume, by H. J. Allen.--Some remarks on logic and the cogito, by R. N. Beck.--The cogito, an ambiguous performance, by J. B. Wilbur.--The modalities of Descartes' proofs for the existence of God, by B. Magnus.--Descartes and the phenomenological problem of the embodiment of consciousness, by J. M. Edie.--The person and his body: critique of existentialist responses to Descartes, by (...)
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    James Benjamin Wilbur & Ervin Laszlo (1970). Human Values and Natural Science Proceedings.
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