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James L. Muyskens [12]James Leroy Muyskens [1]
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    The sufficiency of hope: the conceptual foundations of religion.James L. Muyskens - 1979 - Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
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    An alternative policy for obtaining cadaver organs for transplantation.James L. Muyskens - 1978 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 8 (1):88-99.
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    Nurses' collective responsibility and the strike weapon.James L. Muyskens - 1982 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 7 (1):101-112.
    Among the collective as well as individual responsibilities of nurses as professionals is that of maintaining and improving the quality of nursing care. In exchange for monopoly status and professional authority to control nursing practice, the profession is charged with the responsibility of meeting the nursing care needs of the community. If one claims, as I do, that one of the collective responsibilities of nurses is maintenance of high nursing standards, we must examine what action is required of nurses who (...)
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    Moral problems in nursing: a philosophical investigation.James L. Muyskens - 1982 - Totowa, N.J.: Rowman & Littlefield.
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  5. Moral Problems in Nursing, A Philosophical Investigation.James L. Muyskens - 1985 - The Personalist Forum 1 (2):126-128.
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    James' Defense of a Believing Attitude in Religion.James L. Muyskens - 1974 - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 10 (1):44 - 54.
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    Kant’s Moral Argument.James L. Muyskens - 1974 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 12 (4):425-434.
    In this essay, Kant's so-called argument for god's existence is analyzed and interpreted in light of the claim that the problem of god's existence correctly falls under the question "what may I hope?" ("critique of pure reason", A805=b833 ff.). It is maintained that Kant has established that the rational thing for the moral person to do is to hope for god's existence.
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    Kant's Moral Argument.James L. Muyskens - 1974 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 12 (4):425-434.
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    Life After Death: An Idle Wish or a Reasonable Hope?James L. Muyskens - 1975 - Philosophy Research Archives 1:1-17.
    I argue that life after death (understood as personal survival of one's death) is an appropriate object of one's hope, despite the fact that it may not be an appropriate object of one's belief. That is, the hope for life after death is a reasonable hope. Whereas the belief that there is a life after death may not be a justified belief.I begin by discussing and clarifying the phenomenon of hoping and developing a logical analysis of the concept of hope. (...)
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    Religious-Belief as Hope.James L. Muyskens - 1974 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 5 (4):246 - 253.
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    Henry M. Rosenthal 1906-1977.Joan Stambaugh, James L. Muyskens & Abigail Rosenthal - 1978 - Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 51 (5):583 - 584.
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    Moral Problems in Nursing. [REVIEW]James L. Muyskens - 1983 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 2 (2):93-96.