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    Determining the statistical significance of survivorship prediction models.Holly P. Berty, Haiwen Shi & James Lyons-Weiler - 2010 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16 (1):155-165.
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    Who are We, and Who (or What) Do We Want to Become? An Evolutionary Perspective on Biotransformative Technologies.James Lyons-Weiler - 2022 - Biological Theory 17 (2):138-152.
    Human evolution sits at several important thresholds. In organic evolution, interplay between exogenous environmental and genetic factors rendered new phenotypes at rates limited by genetic variation. The interplay took place on adaptive fitness landscapes determined by correspondence of genetic and environmental relationships. Human evolution involved important emergences that altered the adaptive landscape: language, writing, organized societies, science, and the internet. These endogenous factors ushered in transformative periods leading to more rapidly evolving emergences. I explore the impact of development of emerging (...)
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