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  1. Moral Development in the Professions: Psychology and Applied Ethics.James R. Rest & Darcia Narváez (eds.) - 1994 - L. Erlbaum Associates.
    Every year in this country, some 10,000 college and university courses are taught in applied ethics. And many professional organizations now have their own codes of ethics. Yet social science has had little impact upon applied ethics. This book promises to change that trend by illustrating how social science can make a contribution to applied ethics. The text reports psychological studies relevant to applied ethics for many professionals, including accountants, college students and teachers, counselors, dentists, doctors, journalists, nurses, school teachers, (...)
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  2. Summary: What's Possible.James R. Rest & Darcia Narvaez - 1994 - In James R. Rest & Darcia Narváez (eds.), Moral Development in the Professions: Psychology and Applied Ethics. L. Erlbaum Associates.
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  3. Background: Theory and Research.James R. Rest - 1994 - In James R. Rest & Darcia Narváez (eds.), Moral Development in the Professions: Psychology and Applied Ethics. L. Erlbaum Associates. pp. 1--26.
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    A Neo-Kohlbergian Approach to Morality Research.James R. Rest, Darcia Narvaez, Stephen J. Thoma & Muriel J. Bebeau - 2000 - Journal of Moral Education 29 (4):381-395.
    Kohlberg's work in moral judgement has been criticised by many philosophers and psychologists. Building on Kohlberg's core assumptions, we propose a model of moral judgement (hereafter the neo-Kohlbergian approach) that addresses these concerns. Using 25 years of data gathered with the Defining Issues Test (DIT), we present an overview of Minnesota's neo-Kohlbergian approach, using Kohlberg's basic starting points, ideas from Cognitive Science (especially schema theory), and developments in moral philosophy.
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    A Psychologist Looks at the Teaching of Ethics.James R. Rest - 1982 - Hastings Center Report 12 (1):29-36.
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    Why Does College Promote Development in Moral Judgement?James R. Rest - 1988 - Journal of Moral Education 17 (3):183-194.
    Abstract Evidence is reviewed showing that college attendance is associated with development in moral judgement. Six interpretations of why college has this effect are discussed: (1) simple age/maturation; (2) socialization; (3) learning specific knowledge or skill; (4) generalized understanding; (5) intellectual stimulation; (6) self?selection. Findings from longitudinal, experimental, correlational, educational and life experience studies are used to evaluate the plausibility of each interpretation. The last three interpretations are favoured over the first three.
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    First Annual Lawrence Kohlberg Memorial Lecture.James R. Rest - 1989 - Journal of Moral Education 18 (2):85-96.
    At the 1987 meeting, the governing board of the Association for Moral Education considered various ways of honouring Larry Kohlberg. Larry Kohlberg has been the guiding light and chief impetus for this organization and the board wanted to recognize this. There was a quick consensus that an on?going lecture series in Larry Kohlberg's name would be a fitting tribute. The annual lecture will be a device for breathing fresh life into the work of moral education; it will be a way (...)
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