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    A Physical Theory of Sensation.James T. Culbertson - 1942 - Philosophy of Science 9 (April):197-226.
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    The Minds of Robots.James T. Culbertson - 1963 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 26 (2):284-286.
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    A Neural Theory of Percepts and Mental Images.James T. Culbertson - 1986 - Philosophy Research Archives 12 (9999):1-139.
    This essay is an analysis of conscious perception and conscious memory. It tries to show that percepts and mental images are sets of particles at the perceived stimulus objects and at the remembered stimulus objects. It is thus a theory of direct perception and direct memory, and a materialism but not a central state materialism. The percept is an "appearance" of the stimulus object particles which is due to the way the particles at the perceived object are interconnected by the (...)
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    Consciousness and Behavior. A Neural Analysis of Behavior and of Consciousness.James T. Culbertson - 1951 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 16 (4):286-287.
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  5. Consciousness: Natural and Artificial.James T. Culbertson - 1982 - Libra.
  6. Mathematics and Logic for Digital Devices.James T. Culbertson - 1959 - Van Nostrand.
  7. The Minds Of Robots: Sense Data, Memory Images, And Behavior In Conscious Automata.James T. Culbertson - 1963 - Urbana: University Of Illinois Press.