1.  10
    Gentzen's Proof of Normalization for Natural Deduction.Jan Platvono - 2008 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 14 (2):240-257.
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    Probability and Determinism.Jan Platvono - 1982 - Philosophy of Science 49 (1):51-.
    This paper discusses different interpretations of probability in relation to determinism. It is argued that both objective and subjective views on probability can be compatible with deterministic as well as indeterministic situations. The possibility of a conceptual independence between probability and determinism is argued to hold on a general level. The subsequent philosophical analysis of recent advances in classical statistical mechanics is of independent interest, but also adds weight to the claim that it is possible to justify an objective interpretation (...)
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    Formalization of Hilbert's Geometry of Incidence and Parallelism.Jan Platvono - 1997 - Synthese 110 (1):127-141.
    Three things are presented: How Hilbert changed the original construction postulates of his geometry into existential axioms; In what sense he formalized geometry; How elementary geometry is formalized to present day's standards.
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