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    Hand, Mouth and Brain. The Dynamic Emergence of Speech and Gesture.Jana M. Iverson & Esther Thelen - 1999 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (11-12):11-12.
    We examine the embodiment of one foundational aspect of human cognition, language, through its bodily association with the gestures that accompany its expression in speech. Gesture is a universal feature of human communication. Gestures are produced by all speakers in every culture . They are tightly timed with speech . Gestures convey important communicative information to the listener, but even blind speakers gesture while talking to blind listeners , so the mutual co-occurrence of speech and gesture reflects a deep association (...)
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    The Primacy of Action, Intention and Emotion.Jana M. Iverson & Esther Thelen - 1999 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (11-12):19-40.
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    The Hand Leads the Mouth in Ontogenesis Too.Jana M. Iverson & Esther Thelen - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (2):225-226.
    The evolutionary scenario described in this target article parallels developmental patterns observed in human infants. Early vocalizations are largely expressive, manual control develops more rapidly than intentional vocal articulation, and vocal and manual activity are linked. In ontogenetic development, language is strongly rooted in bodily action and gesture.
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    Performance of Motor Sequences in Children at Heightened Vs. Low Risk for ASD: A Longitudinal Study From 18 to 36 Months of Age. [REVIEW]Valentina Focaroli, Fabrizio Taffoni, Shelby M. Parsons, Flavio Keller & Jana M. Iverson - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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