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    Butler's Biopolitics: Precarious Community.Janell Watson - forthcoming - Theory and Event 15 (2).
  2.  27
    Multiple Mutating Masculinities: Of Maps and Men.Janell Watson - 2015 - Angelaki 20 (1):107-121.
    :Masculinity studies recognizes that masculinity is culturally variable, historically specific, multidimensional, and multiple. This mutability is reflected in concepts like hegemonic masculinity, hybrid masculinity, mosaic masculinities, personalized masculinities, sensual masculinity, and inclusive masculinity. Building on this idea of mutating masculinity, this paper addresses a theoretical problem acknowledged by many scholars: how to account for both the singular intimacy of lived experience and the commonality of shared social norms. In order to build a mutable model that encompasses both experience and norms (...)
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    Culture as Existential Territory: Ecosophic Homelands for the Twenty-First Century.Janell Watson - 2012 - Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 6 (2):306-327.
    The mass popular dissent which has marked the early twenty-first century, from al-Qaeda to the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement, can be read as expressions of collective, subjective, existential mutation. This reading is inspired by Félix Guattari, who described the 1979 Iranian revolution, the Polish Solidarity movement and the 1989 Chinese student demonstrations as demands for subjective singularisation. In each of these examples of social discontent, past and present, demands vary widely even within the same movement, spanning economics, lifestyle, (...)
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