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    Environmental Education as a Lived‐Body Practice? A Contemplative Pedagogy Perspective.Jani Pulkki, Bo Dahlin & Veli-Matti Värri - 2016 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 50 (4).
    Environmental education usually appeals to the students’ knowledge and rational understanding. Even though this is needed, there is a neglected aspect of learning ecologically fruitful action; that of the lived-body. This paper introduces the lived-body as an important site for learning ecological action. An argument is made for the need of a biophilia revolution, in which refined experience of the body and enhanced capabilities for sensing are seen as important ways of complementing the more common, knowledge-based environmental education. Alienation from (...)
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    Ecosocial Philosophy of Education: Ecologizing the Opinionated Self.Jani Pulkki, Jan Varpanen & John Mullen - forthcoming - Studies in Philosophy and Education:1-18.
    While human beings generally act prosocially towards one another — contra a Hobbesian “war of all against all” — this basic social courtesy tends not to be extended to our relations with the more-than-human world. Educational philosophy is largely grounded in a worldview that privileges human-centered conceptions of the self, valuing its own opinions with little regard for the ecological realities undergirding it. This hyper-separation from the ‘society of all beings’ is a foundational cause of our current ecological crises. In (...)
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