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Janie Brisson
Université du Québec à Montreal
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    Abstract Reasoning and the Interpretation of Basic Conditionals.Henry Markovits, Pier-Luc de Chantal & Janie Brisson - 2018 - Thinking and Reasoning 25 (1):1-13.
    ABSTRACTStudies examining the interpretation that is given to if–then statementstypically use what are referred to as basic conditionals, which give contextless relations between two unrelated concrete terms. However, there is some evidence that basic conditionals require a more abstract form of representation. In order to examine this, we presented participants with truth-table tasks involving either basic conditionals or conditionals referring to imaginary categories, and standard conditional inference tasks with abstract and familiar premises. As expected, fewer typical defective conditional interpretations were (...)
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    The Klein Group, Squares of Opposition and the Explanation of Fallacies in Reasoning.Serge Robert & Janie Brisson - 2016 - Logica Universalis 10 (2-3):377-392.
    During the last decades, the psychology of reasoning has identified experimentally many fallacies committed by spontaneous reasoners. Given these experimental results, some theories have been developed about this phenomenon, mainly algorithmic theories. This paper develops instead a computational modelling of these current fallacies which appear as simplifications in the treatment of information that do not respect the formal rules of classical propositional logic. These fallacies are explained as crushes in the Klein group structure and so, in squares of opposition. These (...)
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    Belief Bias is Stronger When Reasoning is More Difficult.Janie Brisson, Pier-Luc de Chantal, Hugues Lortie Forgues & Henry Markovits - 2014 - Thinking and Reasoning 20 (3):385-403.