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    The Gender of Power.Kathy Davis, Monique Leijenaar & Jantine Oldersma (eds.) - 1991 - Sage Publications.
    "This book does serve a very useful purpose in returning power to the centre of the feminist stage. . . . This book makes clear the ways in which the machinations of power are more subtle, widespread, and multiform than it sometimes appears. Further, the clarity of presentation means that it is also a text that can usefully be included on student bibliographies." --Women's Philosophy Review "The Gender of Power, which announces itself in the first line of its Preface as (...)
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  2. Dutch Decay : The Dismantling of the Women's Policy Network in the Netherlands.Joyce Outshoorn & Jantine Oldersma - 2007 - In Johanna Kantola & Joyce Outshoorn (eds.), Changing State Feminism. Palgrave-Macmillan.
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    Against the Odds: Human Values Arising in Unfavourable Circumstances Elicit the Feeling of Being Moved.Madelijn Strick & Jantine van Soolingen - 2018 - Cognition and Emotion 32 (6):1231-1246.
    ABSTRACTPeople sometimes say they are “moved” or “touched” by something. Although the experience is familiar to most, systematic research on being moved has just begun. The current research aims to advance our understanding of the prototypical elicitors of being moved. We tested the hypothesis that being moved is elicited by core values that manifest themselves in circumstances that are unfavourable to their emergence. In three experiments, two with text stimuli and one with pictorial stimuli, we found compelling evidence that the (...)
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    Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: A Long-Term Socio-Technical Experiment.Jantine Schröder - 2016 - Science and Engineering Ethics 22 (3):687-705.
    In this article we investigate whether long-term radioactive waste management by means of geological disposal can be understood as a social experiment. Geological disposal is a rather particular technology in the way it deals with the analytical and ethical complexities implied by the idea of technological innovation as social experimentation, because it is presented as a technology that ultimately functions without human involvement. We argue that, even when the long term function of the ‘social’ is foreseen to be restricted to (...)
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    Attitudes of Older Adults in a Group-Based Exercise Program Toward a Blended Intervention; A Focus-Group Study.Mehra Sumit, Dadema Tessa, J. A. Kröse Ben, Visser Bart, H. H. Engelbert Raoul, Van Den Helder Jantine & J. M. Weijs Peter - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    Inventer des espaces d’(im)possibilités dans les professions d’urbanisme et de design.John Forester - 2010 - Les ateliers de l'éthique/The Ethics Forum 5 (2):52-60.
    Cet essai a été présenté à l’atelier sur La démocratie de l’espace et l’espace de la démocratie, qui a eu lieu à Newcastle, en Angleterre, le 11 janvier 2008. Une version antérieure a été présentée à l’Université de Tokyo le 13 novembre 2007. Il sera publié en néerlandais, traduit par Freek Jansens, sous le titre “het plannen van ruimtes van (on)mogelijkheid” dans une collection éditée par Maarten Hajer et Jantine Grijzen sur les questions de politique contemporaine. Il a été (...)
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