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    Evaluations Versus Expectations: Children's Divergent Beliefs About Resource Distribution.Jasmine M. DeJesus, Marjorie Rhodes & Katherine D. Kinzler - 2014 - Cognitive Science 38 (1):178-193.
    Past research reveals a tension between children's preferences for egalitarianism and ingroup favoritism when distributing resources to others. Here we investigate how children's evaluations and expectations of others' behaviors compare. Four- to 10-year-old children viewed events where individuals from two different groups distributed resources to their own group, to the other group, or equally across groups. Groups were described within a context of intergroup competition over scarce resources. In the Evaluation condition, children were asked to evaluate which resource distribution actions (...)
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    How Information About What is “Healthy” Versus “Unhealthy” Impacts Children’s Consumption of Otherwise Identical Foods.Jasmine M. DeJesus, Katherine M. Du, Kristin Shutts & Katherine D. Kinzler - 2019 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 148 (12):2091-2103.
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    Implicit Attitudes, Eating Behavior, and the Development of Obesity.Jasmine M. DeJesus - 2017 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40.
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