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    Experiencing the Postmetaphysical Self.Jason C. Robinson - 2007 - Symposium 11 (1):204-206.
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    Hans-Georg Gadamer: A Biography Jean Grondin Translated by Joel Weinsheimer Yale Studies in Hermeneutics New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2003, Xi + 478 Pp., $35.00 Cloth. [REVIEW]Jason C. Robinson - 2005 - Dialogue 44 (1):204-.
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    Timeless Temporality: Gadamer’s Discontinuous Historical Awareness.Jason C. Robinson - 2006 - Idealistic Studies 36 (2):97-107.
    This article explores Gadamer’s description of time(s) and situates it within his aesthetic account and hermeneutics. Bringing together all of Gadamer’s major discussions on time, I develop a consistent account which I then challenge. Whereas Heidegger famously describes transcendental temporality with an emphasis on futurity, Gadamer accentuates a historical temporal awareness and itsdiscontinuous nature. Gadamer’s notion of time is best understood, paradoxically, as a timeless temporality, when time is defined as the sequential movement along discrete points. I argue that Gadamer’s (...)
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