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    Orienting of attention without awareness is affected by measurement-induced attentional control settings.Jason Ivanoff & Raymond M. Klein - 2003 - Journal of Vision. Special Issue 3 (1):32-40.
  2.  14
    Attending, intending, and the importance of task settings.Jason Ivanoff & Raymond Klein - 2001 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (5):889-890.
    Hommel et al. emphasize that the Theory of Event Coding (TEC)'s utility is not its ability to be a new theory of cognition, but its ability to engender new thinking about new and old problems. In this commentary we use the TEC to re-examine a long-standing discrepancy in the attention literature.
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    Let me give you something to think about: Does needing to remember something new make it easier to forget something old?Anjali Pandey, Nichole Michaud, Jason Ivanoff & Tracy Taylor - 2023 - Consciousness and Cognition 115 (C):103581.
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