1.  92
    On Bell Non-Locality Without Probabilities: More Curious Geometry.Jason Zimba & Roger Penrose - 1993 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 24 (5):697-720.
  2.  91
    Inertia and Determinism.Jason Zimba - 2008 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 59 (3):417-428.
    Suppose all of the particles in the universe should happen to come to rest at the same time, in positions so arranged that all of the forces on every particle balance to zero at that time. What would happen next? Or rather, what does Newtonian mechanics say will happen next? Preface Inertia and Stasis 2.1 Stating the Law of Inertia more precisely 2.2 The stasis scenario Indeterministic Examples 3.1 Abstract example 3.2 Second example Non-Lipschitz Forces and Determinism Beyond the Stasis (...)
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    Quantum-Mechanical Uncertainty and the Stability of Incompatibility.Jason Zimba - 2000 - Foundations of Physics 30 (2):179-203.
    In talking about the compatibility of quantum observables, discussions often center on the question of whether the corresponding operators commute—even though commutativity is a coarse-grained notion that largely fails to capture the salient “nonclassical” features of quantum theory. Often, too, such discussions involve the issue of whether the operators in question satisfy a Heisenberg-like inequality, of the form ΔA·ΔB≥r>0—even though such inequalities are specific to unbounded operators and (for this and other reasons) are typically not a useful way to discuss (...)
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