1.  27
    Attachment, Mating, and Parenting.Jay Belsky - 1997 - Human Nature 8 (4):361-381.
  2. Childhood Experiences and Reproductive Strategies.Jay Belsky - 2009 - In Robin Dunbar & Louise Barrett (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology. Oxford University Press.
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    Secondary Sociopathy and Opportunistic Reproductive Strategy.Jay Belsky - 1995 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 18 (3):545-546.
    Mealey's analysis of secondary sociopathy has much in common with Belsky, Steinberg, and Draper's (1991) evolutionary theory of socialization. Both draw attention to the potential influence of early rearing in the promotion of a cold, detached, manipulative, and opportunistic style of relating to others and, in so doing, raise the question of whether secondary sociopathy represents a facultative reproductive strategy.
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    La Experiencia Infantil y el Desarrollo de Estrategias de Reproducción: Una Revisión de la Teoría Evolutiva de Socialización.Jay Belsky - 1991 - Human Nature 7:1-38.
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    Fixed Versus Flexible Strategists: Individual Differences in Facultative Responsiveness?Jay Belsky - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (4):591-592.
    Gangestad & Simpson's central premise regarding individual differences is applied to their facultative-argument based on mating- strategy, for individual differences in susceptibility to contextual effects. Some individuals may be relatively fixed strategists who are rather unresponsive to context when it comes to mating, whereas others, perhaps most, may be, as G&S propose, flexible strategists.
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