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    Clines Without Classes.Joan H. Fujimura, Deborah A. Bolnick, Ramya Rajagopalan, Jay S. Kaufman, Richard C. Lewontin, Troy Duster, Pilar Ossorio & Jonathan Marks - 2014 - Sociological Theory 32 (3):208-227.
    This article examines Shiao, Bode, Beyer, and Selvig’s (2012) arguments in their article “The Genomic Challenge to the Social Construction of Race” and finds that their claims are based on fundamentally flawed interpretations of current genetic research. We discuss current genomic and genetic knowledge about human biological variation to demonstrate why and how Shiao et al.’s recommendations for future sociological studies and social policy, based on their inadequate understanding of genomic methods and evidence, are similarly flawed and will lead sociology (...)
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    Flaws in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Rationale for Supporting the Development and Approval of BiDil as a Treatment for Heart Failure Only in Black Patients.George T. H. Ellison, Jay S. Kaufman, Rosemary F. Head, Paul A. Martin & Jonathan D. Kahn - 2008 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 36 (3):449-457.
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's rationale for supporting the development and approval of BiDil for heart failure specifically in black patients was based on under-powered, post hoc subgroup analyses of two relatively old trials , which were further complicated by substantial covariate imbalances between racial groups. Indeed, the only statistically significant difference observed between black and white patients was found without any adjustment for potential confounders in samples that were unlikely to have been adequately randomized. Meanwhile, because the accepted (...)
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    Ottawa Statement From the Sparking Solutions Summit on Population Health Intervention Research : Déclaration D’Ottawa Issue du Sommet Provoquer des Solutions Sur la Recherche Interventionnelle En Santé des Populations.Erica Ruggiero, Louise Potvin, John P. Allegrante, Angus Dawson, Marcel Verweij, Evelyn Leeuw, James R. Dunn, Eduardo Franco, Katherine L. Frohlich, Robert Geneau, Suzanne Jackson, Jay S. Kaufman, Alfredo Morabia, Kenneth R. Mcleroy & Valéry Ridde - unknown
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