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  1. Vittorio Bufacchi & Jean Maria Arrigo (2006). Torture, Terrorism and the State: A Refutation of the Ticking-Bomb Argument. Journal of Applied Philosophy 23 (3):355–373.
  2. Jean Maria Arrigo (2004). A Utilitarian Argument Against Torture Interrogation of Terrorists. Science and Engineering Ethics 10 (3):543-572.
    Following the September 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, much support for torture interrogation of terrorists has emerged in the public forum, largely based on the “ticking bomb” scenario. Although deontological and virtue ethics provide incisive arguments against torture, they do not speak directly to scientists and government officials responsible for national security in a utilitarian framework. Drawing from criminology, organizational theory, social psychology, the historical record, and my interviews with military professionals, I assess the potential of an official (...)
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  3. Joel H. Rosenthal, J. E. Drexel Godfrey, R. V. Jones, Arthur S. Hulnick, David W. Mattausch, Kent Pekel, Tony Pfaff, John P. Langan, John B. Chomeau, Anne C. Rudolph, Fritz Allhoff, Michael Skerker, Robert M. Gates, Andrew Wilkie, James Ernest Roscoe, Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr, Charles R. Beitz, David L. Perry, James A. Barry, Loch K. Johnson, Jean Maria Arrigo, Roger Homan, Martin Bulmer, David Price, Linda Trevino, Gary Weaver & Darren Charters (2005). Ethics of Spying: A Reader for the Intelligence Professional. Scarecrow Press.
    This is the first book to offer the best essays, articles, and speeches on ethics and intelligence that demonstrate the complex moral dilemmas in intelligence collection, analysis, and operations. Some are recently declassified and never before published, and all are written by authors whose backgrounds are as varied as their insights, including Robert M. Gates, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; John P. Langan, the Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Professor of Catholic Social Thought at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown (...)
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    Jean Maria Arrigo, David DeBatto, Lawrence Rockwood & Timothy G. Mawe (2015). The “Good” Psychologist, “Good” Torture, and “Good” Reputation—Response to O’Donohue, Snipes, Dalto, Soto, Maragakis, and Im “The Ethics of Enhanced Interrogations and Torture”. Ethics and Behavior 25 (5):361-372.
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