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  1. Incoherences in Dialogues and Their Formalization Focus on Dialogues with Schizophrenic Individuals.Christophe Fouqueré, Jean-Jacques Pinto & Myriam Quatrini - 2021 - In Maxime Amblard, Michel Musiol & Manuel Rebuschi (eds.), Coherence of Discourse: Formal and Conceptual Issues of Language. Springer Verlag. pp. 91-115.
    We focus in this paper on the potential uses of Ludics, a logical framework based on recent developments in proof theory, for modeling natural language dialogues. The aim is to be able to grasp and to account for some aspects of incoherence in discourses. Among the properties relevant for studying dialogues, two features of Ludics are of interest for our purpose: the duality of viewpoints of two interlocutors as well as the possibility of ruptures. We illustrate first the potential usefulness (...)
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