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    Experimental Repeal of the Speed Limit for Gravitational, Electrodynamic, and Quantum Field Interactions.Tom Van Flandern & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 2002 - Foundations of Physics 32 (7):1031-1068.
    General relativity has a geometric and a field interpretation. If angular momentum conservation is invoked in the geometric interpretation to explain experiments, the causality principle is violated. The field interpretation avoids this problem by allowing faster-than-light propagation of gravity in forward time. All existing experiments are in agreement with that interpretation. This implies the existence of real superluminal propagation and communication of particles and fields, free of causality problems. The introduction of real physical faster-than-light propagation into gravitation, electrodynamics and quantum (...)
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    Explicit Mathematical Construction of Relativistic Nonlinear de Broglie Waves Described by Three-Dimensional (Wave and Electromagnetic) Solitons “Piloted” (Controlled) by Corresponding Solutions of Associated Linear Klein-Gordon and Schrödinger Equations.Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1991 - Foundations of Physics 21 (2):125-148.
    Starting from a nonlinear relativistic Klein-Gordon equation derived from the stochastic interpretation of quantum mechanics (proposed by Bohm-Vigier, (1) Nelson, (2) de Broglie, (3) Guerra et al. (4) ), one can construct joint wave and particle, soliton-like solutions, which follow the average de Broglie-Bohm (5) real trajectories associated with linear solutions of the usual Schrödinger and Klein-Gordon equations.
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    Single-Particle Trajectories and Interferences in Quantum Mechanics.Nicola Cufaro-Petroni & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1992 - Foundations of Physics 22 (1):1-40.
    In this paper some topics concerning the possibility of describing phenomena of quantum interference in terms of individual particle spacetime trajectories are reviewed. We focus our attention, on the one hand, on the recent experimental advances in neutron and photon interferometry and, on the other hand, on a theoretical analysis of the description of these experiments allowed by stochastic mechanics. It is argued that, even if no conclusive argument is yet at hand in both the theoretical and the experimental fields, (...)
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    A Possible Tired-Light Mechanism.Jean-Claude Pecker & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1988 - Apeiron: Studies in Infinite Nature 2:13-15.
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    Louis de Broglie—Physicist and Thinker.Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1982 - Foundations of Physics 12 (10):923-930.
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    Quantum, Space and Time--The Quest Continues, Studies and Essays in Honour of Louis de Broglie, Paul Dirac and Eugene Wigner.Asim O. Barut, Alwyn van der Merwe & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1987 - Noûs 21 (3):442-444.
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    Second-Order Wave Equation for Spin-1/2 Fields: 8-Spinors and Canonical Formulation.Nicola Cufaro-Petroni, Philippe Gueret & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1988 - Foundations of Physics 18 (11):1057-1075.
    The algebraic structure of the 8-spinor formalism is discussed, and the general form of the 8-component wave equation, equivalent to the second-order 4-component one, is presented. This allows a canonical formulation that will be the first stage of the future Clebsch parametrization, i.e., a relativistic generalization of the Bohm-Schiller-Tiomno pioneering work on the Pauli equation.
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    Derivation of Inertial Forces From the Einstein-de Broglie-Bohm (E.D.B.B.) Causal Stochastic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. [REVIEW]Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1995 - Foundations of Physics 25 (10):1461-1494.
    The physical origin of inertial forces is shown to be a consequence of the local interaction of Dirac's real covariant ether model(1) with accelerated microobjects, considered as real extended particlelike solitons, piloted by surrounding subluminal real wave fields packets.(2) Their explicit form results from the application of local inertial Lorentz transformations to the particles submitted to noninertial velocitydependent accelerations, i.e., constitute a natural extension of Lorentz's interpretation of restricted relativity.(3) Indeed Dirac's real physical covariant ether model implies inertial forces if (...)
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    Spatial Fluctuation of the Hubble “Constant”.Jean-Claude Pecker, Jean-Pierre Vigier & Toivo Jaakkola - 1990 - Apeiron 6:19.
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    Possible Internal Subquantum Motions of Elementary Particles.Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1970 - In Hermann Bondi, Wolfgang Yourgrau & Allen duPont Breck (eds.), Physics, Logic, and History. New York: Plenum Press. pp. 191--202.
  11. Search for Fundamental Theory: The Viith International Symposium Honoring French Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier, Imperial College, London, Uk, 12-14 July 2010.Richard L. Amoroso, Peter Rowlands, Stanley Jeffers & Jean-Pierre Vigier (eds.) - 2010 - college Park: American Institute of Physics.
    This volume is about searching for fundamental theory in physics which has become somewhat elusive in recent decades. Like a group of blind men investigating an elephant, one physicist postulates the trunk as a hose, another a leg as a tree, the body a wall or barrier, the tail a rope and the ears as a fan. The organizers of the Vigier series symposia strongly believe cross polination by exploring many avenues of seemingly disparate research is key to breakthrough discovery (...)
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  12. La Physique quantique restera-t-elle indéterministe?Louis de Broglie & Jean-Pierre Vigier - 1954 - Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale 59 (1):93-94.
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