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    Introspection in Psychology and Philosophy.Jeffery Geller - 1987 - Philosophy Research Archives 13:471-480.
    This article analyzes Wittgenstein’s position on the grammatical incorrigibility of psychological self-ascriptions and shows how introspective statements can be of use to philosophers. In Wittgenstein On Rules and Private Language, Kripke notes Wittgenstein’s puzzling ambivalence toward introspection. On the one hand Wittgenstein repudiates introspection and on the other he uses it in his own philosophical investigations. To resolve the paradox, this paper distinguishes between introspective methodology in psychological and philosophical investigations. Wittgenstein’s arguments against introspection are specifically directed at introspective methodology (...)
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    The Dream of Pure Entertainment.Jeffery L. Geller - 1995 - Journal of Value Inquiry 29 (4):495-507.
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    Review of Giorgio Agamben, Profanations[REVIEW]Jeffery Geller - 2008 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2008 (6).
  4. Conversations with Pragmatism: A Multi-Disciplinary Study.Paul Custodio Bube & Jeffery Geller (eds.) - 2002 - Brill | Rodopi.
    This book represents the reflections of scholars coming from varied disciplinary backgrounds who have found a conversation partner in pragmatism. The “conversations” recorded here demonstrate pragmatism’s versatility and contemporary relevance. Whether it be rhetoric, literature, philosophy, religion, or social psychology, pragmatism provides the contributors fruitful insights into and methods of examining both practical and theoretical issues.
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